rowan tree dramatherapy.

The protective Rowan Tree symbolises balance, healing, power, connection and transformation.

how we work
and what we offer

how we work

Rowan Tree Dramatherapy work within agreed boundaries of confidentiality. We feel it is important to maintain good communication between all parties we work with to support the clients fully throughout our work together. We provide evaluation tools throughout the intervention which supports the clients and professionals to reflect on and assess the work they have done. Reports are written at agreed intervals.

what we offer

Dramatherapy in Schools

We work in a number of schools across Kent where we offer half-day, full-day or sessional work of both group and individual therapy. We also work alongside schools supporting those who are home-schooling. Dramatherapy is accessible to all young people so our partnership with schools includes both mainstream and special schools where we can support those with sensory and physical needs, young people with emotional, social and mental health needs, and children who have additional needs in their cognition and learning, communication and interaction. We work extensively with young people who are in Care within our school work and our support might be long term or shorter term depending on the needs of the young person.

We work closely with school staff and the families/ carers of the young people we work alongside to ensure all needs are met, continuity and consistency is maintained, as well as a transparent work ethic to support the well-being of all involved.


We also offer short term projects that are customised to suit your organisation’s needs. Previous projects/groups have included women with post- natal depression, young carers, Children in Care, young people with special needs, refugee families and foster carers.

We work with people affected by →

Trauma, attachment disruption, abuse, loss, substance misuse, anxiety, depression, and issues affecting mental health and well-being.

We can also offer your organisation CPD and training days in reflective practice, attachment and trauma.

If you or your organisation feel that dramatherapy would be beneficial, but do not have the funds, please do still contact us as we may be able to offer suggestions or apply for funding ourselves.


Supervision and Continued Professional Development (CPD) Training

We offer supervision and training days to a range of professionals. Our bespoke training packages are tailored to your needs and have included ‘Understanding and working with children who have experienced developmental trauma’, ‘The Importance of Play’ and ‘Understanding Attachment’.

Supervision is a collaborative process where staff teams or individuals have the space to reflect on their practice. With the support of a qualified clinical supervisor, supervision is a meeting where a member or members of staff can step-back, metaphorically, from their work and take a broader view of their practice. Professionals such as social workers, teachers, teaching assistants, nurses, counsellors and therapists amongst others currently benefit from clinical supervision so that they can attend to their clients or service users, sustain their own resilience and make sense of what is happening with every aspect of their work. It allows time for learning and becoming more aware of the wider systemic context; by doing so, professionals can improve the quality of their work, continuously develop themselves, learn, and ensure they are practising in an ethical, reflective and safe way. Rowan Tree can offer individual and group supervision within your organisation or independently of it.

Dramatherapy Trainee Placements

We offer placements each academic year to Dramatherapy trainees as part of their Master Degree requirements.

To make a referral or if you wish to discuss the possibility of Rowan Tree supporting you or your organisation, please email us in the first instance at:

Arts Council
badth hcpc member children in need