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The protective Rowan Tree symbolises balance, healing, power, connection and transformation.


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  • Belongings

    Belongings In collaboration with Tangled Feet and with our thanks for funding from the Arts Council England, we are proud to have been a part of creating a new show ‘Belongings’.

    The therapeutic theatre process involved a group of young people in Care, who Rowan Tree have worked with through our Dramatherapy groups, becoming Co-Creators. They were integral to the making process, advising, and offering insight into the challenges they have experienced. The Co-Creators came on board as a fundamental part of the creative team ensuring the show has an authentic voice and represents Children in Care honestly. A wonderful show was born for 6-11 year olds with its heart in finding your feet, friendship and somewhere to belong.

    Refugee Project

    Reviews and Press

    'So much more than theatre, Belongings is an outlet for therapy, a joyful celebration of childhood play, an articulation of resilience and a message that children in care can find their place in the world.'

    'It’s brilliantly done, managing to be extremely relatable for children with no experience of the care system while giving them a rare insight into the reality of life in foster care.

    'There are more than 92,000 children in care in the UK. They still face stigma and a lack of understanding...but one play aims to change that.'
    ~ The Big Issue

    Audience Feedback

    'I felt a sense of not being alone and like I was normal for the first time…made my heart warm.'
    Child feedback on work in progress performance.

    'Magic, absolute magic.'
    Audience member.

    'It made me really think about saying goodbye at the end of the school day.'

    'That was my story on the stage.'
    A young person who has grown up in care.


  • Supporting Children in Care
    with the help of Children in Need

    Children in Need have funded us for over 7 years to provide groups and individual longer term Dramatherapy to young people who do not live with their birth parents. A sense of community and belonging is vital to supporting good mental health; offering opportunity for shared experience through our groups in the community provides a creative space for growth and healing.

    Our project funding extended to support carers further in response to the increased challenges the pandemic has brought.

    We are extremely grateful of the support and funding Children in Need have given Rowan Tree since 2016 and hope to continue to work together to meet the needs of vulnerable young people across Kent.

  • Therapeutic Theatre week: Refugee Community

    Following the success of our therapeutic theatre project in 2019, where we offered a creative week of Dramatherapy and puppet making with refugee families, in collaboration with Strangeface Theatre Company, Tonbridge Welcomes Refugees, and Tunbridge Wells Welcomes Refugees, we are looking to develop our links and work together.

    Thank you to National Lottery Awards for All for funding this wonderful project.

    Refugee Project

  • testimonials

    'I felt confident enough to leave the negativity and criticising myself behind.'Mum from Post Natal Depression Dramatherapy group

    'He has become much more confident in himself. He is able to express his feelings and let people know his opinion and ideas with a raised self-esteem and self-assurance that he was lacking before.' From a SENCO of a young person who participated in Dramatherapy.

    'He is doing really well in college thanks to your (Rowan Tree) build up (of support) over the recent years.'From a parent of a young person who attended individual therapy.

    'Everyone here is nice and kind to each other.' A young person taking part in our service for refugees.

    'I was surprised at the confidence of some of the more timid adults by the end of the group. I feel honoured, privileged and inspired to have been part of this experience. 'A volunteer supporting at one of our projects for refugees.

    'Amazing workshop along with very lively welcome from everyone at Rowan Tree.' From a participant of a continuing Professional Development workshop.

    'Amazing workshop along with very lively welcome from everyone at Rowan Tree.' From a participant of a continuing Professional Development workshop.

    'Sessions are always excellent, high quality and a good balance of activities.' Teacher from Clinical Supervision session.

    'My student placement with Rowan Tree has provided infinitely more than the practical experience required to graduate as a Dramatherapist.' From a trainee Dramatherapist on placement with us

    We currently work within Bradfields Academy, Hope View and Bower Grove School. We offer schools group therapy, individual work and supervision.

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