rowan tree dramatherapy.

The protective Rowan Tree symbolises balance, healing, power, connection and transformation.

meet the team

Bryony Brooker.

Director and co-founder of RowanTree

itemsBryony’s background in education, both within teaching and pastoral roles, ignited her interest in working therapeutically and creatively with young people. Bryony has 12 years’ experience as a Dramatherapist where she has developed her practice in working extensively with young people, particularly in the care system. She is experienced in providing both group and individual therapy for adults, families, and young people in a range of settings. She has a particular interest in developmental trauma and bereavement.

As a director of Rowan Tree, Bryony is the lead on trainee placements where she initially matches placement settings to match the needs and interests of trainees and potential clients. She also follows this process further to supporting trainees throughout their placement as a placement manager. Bryony offers supervision to professionals within the therapy community and school staff teams.

MA Dramatherapy at Roehampton University.
Creative Arts Supervisor, CAST London
Developmental Trauma for Professionals- Beacon House

Justine Staley.

Director and Co-founder of RowanTree

itemsJustine’s background is in Drama, later her work as a theatre practitioner with young people and adult mental health led her to training as a Dramatherapist.

Justine has 12 years’ experience as a Dramatherapist working with children and young people in care, with developmental trauma and attachment insecurities, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, autism, and ADHD. She has worked in schools and the community across Kent, working with social services and virtual schools to provide therapy services supporting children in care and their carers.

Justine is passionate about the transformative nature of dramatherapy which uses movement, play, projection and embodiment to connect with parts of ourselves that are not always accessible using talking methods. The capacity for play and spontaneity can be significantly compromised by trauma and adverse childhood experiences, Justine believes it is important to understand individuals needs through an attachment lens.

MA Dramatherapy at Roehampton University.
Creative Arts Supervisor, CAST London
Developmental Trauma for Professionals- Beacon House

Alice Waters

Associate Dramatherapist
& Social Media Manager

itemsPrior to becoming a Dramatherapist, Alice trained as an actor and worked as a drama teacher in both mainstream schools and SEND schools. Growing up, Alice’s parents were both foster carers; her experience of living with Children in Care and, later on in life, becoming more involved in the caring aspect of the work, heavily influenced her decision to become a Dramatherapist. Alice trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in the Sesame approach to dramatherapy. Since graduating she has worked in schools with young people with learning difficulties and also Children in Care. Alongside this work, Alice is still developing theatre with young people and promoting drama as a tool for wellbeing and mental health.

MA Drama and Movement therapy at
Central School of Speech and Drama.

Samuel Lewis

Associate Dramatherapist

itemsBefore becoming a Dramatherapist, Sam worked as an actor; he now accesses this creative experience when working alongside his clients. He has mainly worked with children and young people in primary, secondary and SEMH schools, as well as with Children in Care within a fostering organisation. Sam also worked within the NHS in a secure CAMHS unit.

MA Dramatherapy at Roehampton University.

Rosie Abraham


Associate Dramatherapist

Rosie has a life-long passion for theatre which led her to train as an actor, paving the way for a stimulating, creative and rewarding decade working predominantly on stage. Her subsequent dramatherapy training offered a great opportunity to re-contextualise this passion and hone an understanding and appreciation of drama and movement as tools for healing, self-discovery and psychological growth. Her clinical experience spans work with children, teenagers, adults and the elderly within educational settings, day centres and residential care homes.

MA Drama and Movement Therapy at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

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