rowan tree dramatherapy.

The protective Rowan Tree symbolises balance, healing, power, connection and transformation.

Rowan Tree Dramatherapy is a community interest company dedicated to working with vulnerable young people and adults in the community. We provide a Dramatherapy service across Kent.

Rowan Tree work with a range of clients of all ages, offering a therapeutic intervention that best suits the needs of the client group.

branching out, reaching in.

what is dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy is one of the creative arts therapies: this means it uses elements of drama and creative techniques to achieve therapeutic outcomes. The focus is on the process rather than producing a piece of performance. The aim is to offer a space for expression and reflection in a safe environment.

Dramatherapy can be brief or long term and has its heart in the therapeutic relationship; supporting and nurturing personal growth.

Dramatherapy invites clients to work spontaneously. This may simply be talking or using a variety of verbal and non verbal techniques which may include:

exploring stories, scripts and roles
verbal and non-verbal communication
movement, body and voice work
creative and expressive methods,
such as sculpting and art

Emphasis on choice is promoted to establish a sense of ownership for each person with their work.

About Us

Rowan Tree Dramatherapy are a team of experienced drama and movement therapists who provide effective therapies for children, young people, families and adults who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems and mental health difficulties. Our therapists are all trauma informed and bring their range of different trainings and experience to the team.

We welcome referrals from a range of sources including Local Authorities, schools, individuals and parent/carers. Our referrals are funded by organisations such as children’s services, Virtual Schools, schools and charities

We are an organisation dedicated to inclusivity and making therapies available to all in the community


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